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Santa Cruz - The Sand Dunes

A special piece of dessert in Bolivia.

Nieuwjaars feest in Bolivia

Oud en Nieuw vieren in Bolivia.

Rurrenabaque - Pampas - Monkeys

A special surprise for my mother.

Rurrenabaque - Pampas - Alligator

An alligator came to investigate the boat,

Rurrenabaque - Pampas by boat

An impression of the Pampas river tour offered in Rurrenabaque.

Rurrenabaque - Swimming with Dolphins

A chance to swim with the pink river dolphins in Rurrenabaque.

Rurrenabaque - Piranha Fishing

Piranha Fishing on our Pampas excursion.

Rurrenabaque - On the Plane

Amaszonas flight to Rurrenabaque.

The Road to "Ciudad de Itas"

The beautiful landscape on our way to "Cuidad de Itas".

Toro Toro 2015 - River Crossing

Beware of rain. The rain can completely change roads in Bolivia!